Future cabin neighborhoods

Become a Cabin Neighborhood Caretaker

Caretakers steward Cabin Neighborhoods. They become part of Cabin's network city and host Cabin residents. They abide by Cabin's values but define their own culture and norms.

Do you have a property fit for rural coliving?
Or are you trying to build one?

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Why Start a Cabin Neighborhood?

No more revolving door of strangers

Airbnb guests are hit or miss. Some read the description, most are just looking for a good deal. With Cabin, you'll rest assured that residents we send your way are trusted, additive, and vibe-aligned.

Intentional, like-minded communities

Cabin's motto is "Conserve, colive, create." Our community members are made up of remote workers and nature-lovers who are trying to spend less time on their computer screens. We're excited for you to meet them!

Village builders

Our community doesn't just want a place to lay our heads. We hold regular build weeks to help put up saunas, blaze trails, and dig fire pits to help our caretakers develop their properties. We want a place where we can contribute to the experience and call their own.

Become a Caretaker. Bring joy.

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